Cellcore Biosciences


CellCore was founded by Dr. Todd Watts to bring products to the market that can make a real difference than is typically sold by functional medicine practitioners and other supplement companies. His journey through overcoming Lyme disease and parasite infections led him down this road. Dr. Watts has been using his first product Para 1 for the past 3 years with his patients and testing through several other wellness clinics as well. The results were a major shift for both his patients as well as the other clinics’ patients. The name Biosciences was formatted because of his interest in biochemisty having taught a supplemental instruction class in his doctorate program. Cell because he feels that to truly heal the body you must heal the CELL. Core because he believes that getting to the CORE of the issue is so important to have lasting healing. The core issues driving inflammation being Toxins, Trauma and Infection. Inflammation can have a major impact on cellular and mitochondrial function. By removing the core issues, restoring optimal cellular and organ function, the biochemistry of the body can change restoring the proper balance the body needs to heal.