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Digestion Health

BASIC Package:
Premier Probiotic – Excellent maintenance probiotic that provides a healthy balance of bacteria in your GI system. An absolute must for good digestion, absorption of nutrients, and healthy immune system.

- Premier Digest – Digestive enzymes to support your digestion and absorption of vegetables, fruits, and grains. Helps resolve post-meal “bloat.”
- Premier HCL – increase your stomach acid and your ability to digest proteins and sterilize your incoming food (avoid parasites).
Support your daily digestion with enzymes for vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, HCL for proteins, and probiotics to help assimilate your nutrients, support your immune system, and keep your belly happy!
DELUXE PACKAGE: Many people need more than just help with food digestion. For help with general Digestive System clean up & reset, choose Group A and follow for 2 months, then Group C. (MELA, ENZEE, Zglutn, Para 1, Para 2, MBC) If you need more focus on parasite cleanse, chose Group B and follow for 3-6 months (Para 1, Para 2, GX Asstst, Clove oil). When you finish Group A or B, chose Group C (L-gut, MBC, ABC, HMT).   L-gut, ENZEE, MELA, GX assist, Zglutn, ABC (for maintenance), MBC (stronger therapeutic probiotic), D-B12
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